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Forthcoming, Jan. 2017

Radical faith for the rest of us

Welcome to the website for author Sarah Arthur. Sarah is a fun-loving speaker and the author of numerous books on the intersection of faith and great stories, including the literary guides to prayer series from Paraclete Press and the bestselling Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey through the Lord of the Rings (Tyndale). Her most recent book is The Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us (co-authored with Erin Wasinger; Brazos Press, Jan. 2017), which traces two families’ year-long experiment of translating practices of “radical” faith (hospitality to the homeless, simplicity, social justice) into their suburban context.

Here you can read Sarah’s latest musings, find updates about her writing and speaking, read excerpts and reviews of her books, and purchase copies of her resources for both individual and group reading.

15 Responses to Welcome, friends!

  1. Emily Gibson says:


    Your book “At the Still Point” came to my attention twice in the past week–in the Bas Bleu catalog but it did not arrive in time for me to have the book to read as we drove our daughter cross country for her freshman year at Wheaton College, where I found your book in the bookstore (and bought it!). It is a delight to read your anthology of wonderful literature excerpts along with scripture and I know I’ll be returning to your book many times in my devotional life. Any book with riches from God’s Word, as well as from Austen, Berry, Chesterton, Dickinson, Dostoevsky, Grahame, Hopkins, Keillor, Norris, Shaw, Teresa of Avila, and Tolstoy is my kind of favorite read!

    While at Wheaton, I had to visit the Wade Center and immerse myself in the wonders of a place with so much history on its shelves (not to mention the Lewis wardrobe). I’m sure you spent some time there yourself during your years at Wheaton.

    Thank you for the work you put into compiling this book. It is special indeed.


  2. Kara says:

    I have been reading The One Year Daily Grind now for about three months. I originally purchased the devotional to do along with my best friend, while we both au paired in Spain. And I cannot begin to explain just how much God has used this book to help me grow in Him. So, thank you for letting Him guide you in your writings! I look forward to reading more of your work.


  3. Ms Cameron Brunton says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for “Coffee with God”; my day is always uplifted and I feel closer to God when I read it. Your writing is so refreshing and God inspired, I’ve recommended this book to many friends. Can’t wait to read more titles.
    Love in Christ,
    Cameron 🙂

  4. Miriam King says:

    Dear Mrs. Arthur,
    My family and I are reading JRR. Tolkien’s The Hobbit in anticipation for the up coming Movie, Part 1 of Peter Jackson’s installment. I have also been going through your devotional Walking with Bilbo and enjoying it immensely. Thank you for this work. The Lord Bless! In Christ, Miriam King

  5. Adam Ziegler says:

    I just finished reading your article in Immerse; There and Back Again, Why Hobbits Still Matter for the Hunger Games Generation. Thank you for such an awesome discussion on myth. We are creatures whose very history is rooted in story. Your insight was excellent. I really appreciated the comparison and connections between Tolkien’s and Collin’s worlds. Thank you for sharing your passion.
    A gracious new fan,

  6. Barbara Wroten says:

    Loved the book “Mommy Time”! You are very talented and thoughtful. It even made me ponder and think about my experiences. I had postpartum depression and have felt guilty about it. Glad that we have Jesus to leave the guilt behind.

  7. Jerry Londal says:

    What a joy to come to your website and see how God has used you. You left a job in a step of faith that has left the world a better place and has brought people closer to God. I consider myself fortunate to have known you and watched you progress into the amazing woman that you are today. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Andree says:

    Dear Sarah~
    “At the Still Point” is a gift. It has blessed me and moved me many times, and I still have a few sections left! I wholeheartedly embrace your vision that God uses many different means of communication to share His word with us, and I am so happy that you have worked to compile a book like this, to bring that word to your readers. Thank you for the time and prayer you put into it- know that it has made a wonderful difference in my life! And I am very much looking forward to the publication of your next compilation for other seasons of the year! God’s peace be with you!

  9. Tamika Jacques says:

    Just when I feel like I am weak, I read your Mommy Time! I feel like you can see me in my daily life. My daughter is 12 weeks and being a first-time mom your book helps to encourage me to know I am not alone. I thank God he is using your gifts and talents to encourage others through Christ.

  10. Jeanna Johnson says:

    I enjoyed reading “Light upon Light” during my morning quiet times with God. It was fun, meaningful, and inspiring to read poems, stories, and prayers from such a variety of writers from all of the world and through multiple centuries. Thank you for putting it together.

  11. Bev Keevill says:

    Hi Sarah thank you so much for Coffee with God I have two copies and will be buying a third this year as I write in them, your book is totally inspirational! Bless you!
    Bev Keevill

  12. Sharon says:

    It’s amazing how often the reading of the day from Coffee with God corresponds to my life, like last week’s leading me into Sunday’s communion service. And, this morning it expands on the reading from my first devotional about prayer (I read yours last because I like to read the Bible reference you provide and it often leads me deeper into the Word). Enjoying it very much.

  13. Kellie Wynne says:

    I am a 53 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 5 who decided a year ago to return to college and complete a degree in history that was birthed in my heart when I was 13. I attend Liberty University Online and live with and care for my 75 year old mother who is very mobile but with some health issues which keep her housebound. This past Christmas my oldest daughter and mother of my 5 grandkids gifted me a copy of Coffee with God and a coffee cup that says Too Blessed to Be Stressed. I absolutely love this devotional that, at times, discusses the struggles of school and faith. Thankfully I attend a school that places great emphasis on both. I have the tendency to be very introverted and love my alone time. I prefer to commune with my fellow humans through social media. I encourage and minister by telling my story, of God’s redemption of a life that had been torn by drug addiction and incarceration. I tell how He is no respecter of persons and no life is ever too far gone. Thank you again for being part of my day and sharing the struggles and fears of your life to help others to see they are not alone. We sometimes see our struggles as uniquely our own. Seeing that others struggle with the same things helps. May God richly bless you as you have blessed so many others.

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