Screaming through the silent night

The preschooler at the Drum Museum, Indy. Earplugs, people.

Dear friends, fans, & fellow readers,

Advent greetings! I attempted to complete this newsletter last week amidst the swirling chaos of a snow day, two little boys underfoot and mounds of unfinished work on my desk. Plus a Twitterverse full of screaming headlines. And the world (in some cases literally) on fire. Yet in the midst of it all I stumbled upon these lines:

…But now is the hour
When I remember
An infant’s power
On a cold December.
Midnight is dawning
And the birth of wonder.
–Madeleine L’Engle, from The Irrational Season

Pause. Deep breath. This is our Savior we’re talking about. The One who calms the storm. The One whose revelations are met with silence in heaven (see Revelation 8:1). The One whose birth heralded a peace unlike anything the world falsely promises. Calm. Silence. Peace.

Radical faith for the rest of us.

As the new year approaches, I’m reminded all over again why the chapter on “Holy Time” is so very central to my recent book The Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us. My c0-author, Erin Wasinger regularly asks me, “How is Sabbath going?” And she doesn’t let up. She asks me again, over tea; and again at our weekly family dinners; and by email, by text. Everyone needs a covenantal friend like this.

The reminder is timely, too, because I’m writing my next book. For Zondervan. Right now. About…[drumroll please]…the spiritual legacy of MADELEINE L’ENGLE. It’s to coincide with the new A Wrinkle in Time movie next year, of course, so the deadline is insane (don’t ask. Just don’t). But I’m having a blast! More on all this soon, of course, including the rockstar roster of interviewees, the gorgeous cover reveal, & other amazingness.

Literary guide to prayer for the holidays

In the meantime, here are some of my reflections this past year on what it means to allow Jesus to both settle and unsettle us in this particular season of our lives:

Some other stuff that’s been good for my soul:

  • My co-author, Erin Wasinger — don’t miss her blog!
  • YA author Kwame Alexander’s first season of the show “#Bookish.” Fangirling so hard over here.
  • Director Ava DuVernay’s vision for the Wrinkle in Time movie (see below). Just wow.
  • Family. Especially my precocious preschooler & first grader, who light up my life; and my husband, Tom (who else reads a Richard Scarry classic in a Soviet KGB accent & dubs it the “Communist Propaganda Edition”?).

May the joy & peace of Christ be with you all,


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4 Responses to Screaming through the silent night

  1. Emily Gibson says:

    Really looking forward to this next book, Sarah! I think Madeleine touched so many of us at different life stages with her various writings; exploring her again and again as we age is one of the legacies I appreciate most.

    • Sarah Arthur says:

      I’ve always loved her statement “I am all the ages I have ever been.” Growing alongside her books through all the seasons of my life (and my children’s lives) will be a true joy!

      • Jennwith2ns says:

        What a great quote.

        I’ve been revisiting the Time Quintet myself, partly because of the upcoming movie, and partly, I suspect, for other reasons I’ve yet to fully discern. How exciting to hear about your upcoming book! I’ll be on the lookout!

  2. Peg Faulman says:

    We love the trailer – and the cover of TIME magazine. We can’t wait to read the article!

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